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Dorna EPS-B1 Series



SMARTER Powerful EtherCAT® filed-bus protocol EPS-B1 series servo drives are now equipped with EtherCAT® for automation applications requiring short data update times with low communication jitter and reduced hardware costs. Load inertia detection Automatically detect load inertia for better gain tunings. Internal control functions Servo drives can be easily be programmed for internal position/internal speed/internal torque controls to exercise certain applications without PL
FASTER Shortened positioning time Position setting time of the device can be greatly reduced by using the new algorithms. Quick instruction tracking As the new position and speed controller is adopted, position control tracking is greatly improved, and position deviation can be up to ≒0. Response frequency up to 1KHz bandwidth State-of-the-art chips are utilized to improve calculating speed; new algorithms are developed for speed loop and current loop to improve the servo system’s response control performance. Input and output pulse frequency 4Mbps Servo drives now can process pulse forms up to 4Mbps, both in semi-closed loop and fully-closed loop controls.
MORE RELIABLE 3 times overload Servo drives have the capacity of 3 times overload, which improves the servo’s responsiveness. Grade 2 Notch Filter Grade-2 notch filter that can reduce phase lag is used to restrain resonance of mechanical system and improve equipment’s speed response. Restrained external interferences External interferences can be restrained effectively by expanding the new interference detection function Regenerative functions Servo drives have built-in regenerative resistors (optional) that can absorb regenerated electricity at decelerating. When the built-in regenerative resistor is not enough, external regenerative resistor can be used. Built-in dynamic brake (optional) EPS-B1/B2 series servo drives have built-in dynamic brakes (DB) for emergency braking. Various motor stop modes can be set for Servo OFF, forward/backward rotation inhibition, power OFF, or stop due to failure.
NEW SERVO MOTORS Low cogging torque By using the new magnetic field analysis design and motor processing technology, the motor’s torque pulsation is reduced, thus to improve speed stability and reduce servo system’s torque pulsations. Hundreds of Newton metres 200mm flange servo motors are also recently introduced, with torque up to 140 N*m and rated power up to 44KW.
NEW ENCODERS High resolution encoders Now can support up to 20 bit (1,048,576 pulses per revolution) encoders to improve positioning accuracy and low-speed stability. More feedback devices supported Users can now choose feedback devices of different mechanisms including optical encoders, magnetic encoders and resolvers.

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